Beste Album: The Dolmen – NUADA

Taloch talking about Nuada;

‘When we first started Nuada for me it was almost as if I had found my soul. (But soon realized it was still lost). I was immediately caught up in the ideas and mystical plot it promised. At first we thought there is no theme to this album it's going to be a mixture of songs that covered a wide range of Dolmen music But as song ideas began to manifest we realized just how wrong we were, we found ourselves honoring the great Nuada of the Tuatha De Danann, even paying tribute to his role in the Wickerman (1973 Film) as the god of the sun etc and so ….. and then we realized we were writing about beings and characters who remained unseen lost in the shadows of the solar eye those of whom by legend unable to bathe in the glory of the sun. Spirits and forms that have travelled thousands of years with mankind but so aloof they are ghost so fantastic for the average person to perceive in their reality. This album is unlike anything the band have released, and in many ways allow us self-expression in an area we perhaps were yearning to be or even return. One thing is for sure the curse has claimed its own yet again.’